How to choose a children's chair

Date:2024-03-11 Author: Hit: 57

When choosing a children's chair, the following key factors should be considered:

Safety and stability. Ensure that the chair structure is stable and free from sharp edges to prevent children from getting injured. Metal chairs should pay attention to the thickness and coating of the metal tube to avoid burrs. 

Height adjustment. Choose a chair with adjustable height to adjust as the child grows. The height adjustment range of the regular model is 40 to 52 centimeters, which can meet the needs of most children.

Avoid rotating and wheeled designs. Children may use chairs as toys, and the rotating and wheeled design may lead to unsafe usage.

Foot pedal and armrest. If the chair is high, foot pedals can help children maintain foot stability and avoid distractions. Armrests are selected according to personal preferences and are not necessary.

Materials and environmental friendliness. Choose materials that have passed ROHS certification, and it is best to ventilate and leave them for a period of time after use to emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Gravity lock and correction strap. The gravity lock ensures the stability of the chair after sitting down and prevents slipping. Chairs with correction straps may cause inconvenience to children and can be considered for removal. 

In summary, when choosing a children's chair, attention should be paid to safety, stability, and practicality, while considering the growth needs of children and personal usage habits.