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Smart chairs win the market, Anji chair industry

Date:2024-03-11 Author: Hit: 62

In the first quarter, Anji, the hometown of China's chair industry, delivered a beautiful report: Anji's chair industry achieved sales revenue of 5.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.6%, and an average profit margin of 20%. In addition, the rapidly developing Anji chair industry won a large order of 4 billion yuan at the recently concluded Guangzhou International Furniture Expo.

The former Anji chair industry was not so brilliant, and was jokingly referred to by the locals as "making a chair to make a living". How to make low-end industries high-end and increase product added value? Starting with new functions, new technologies, new materials, new designs, and new applications, Anji chair industry cooperates with colleges and universities, invites European design masters, hires CAE Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the field of machinery manufacturing and automation, sets up academician expert workstations in enterprises, and even sets up chair industry research institutes, successfully walking a path of transformation and upgrading.

With 2753 patents accumulated in recent years, Anji Chair Industry is no longer low-end. The office massage chair developed by Anji Shengxin Office Furniture Co., Ltd. uses infrared and luminous heating technology to create a constant temperature for the massage ball, providing users with extraordinary enjoyment; The IT Kang back chair developed by Dakang Holdings Group looks like an open clam shell on the surface, but upon closer inspection, it is known to be a double back chair. People can sit on it and play beautiful music; Anji Cabelon Co., Ltd. has designed and produced chairs that blend seamlessly with the curves of the human body, giving people a brand new feeling From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, from tradition to fashion, Anji Chair Industry continues to expand its market space. Zhejiang Henglin Chair Industry Co., Ltd. spent more than 4 million yuan over two years researching and developing a mobile phone controlled smart chair, and immediately received a large foreign trade order upon its debut; Zhejiang Baizhijia Furniture Co., Ltd. hired a famous Italian designer to manufacture 7 new chairs, which were sold by foreign merchants; Zhejiang Yongyi Furniture Co., Ltd.'s 5 new chairs are highly favored by customers from countries such as the United States, Russia, and Australia. The customers said, "How much do you produce, how much do we need!"

Last year, the output value of 758 chair industry enterprises in Anji reached 28 billion yuan, with an export value of 1.64 billion US dollars. On average, one out of every two chairs exported from China is produced in Anji.

"Anji Chair Industry stimulates market vitality through innovation, leads the consumer market with health, and completely changes the low-end image of the domestic furniture industry," said Zhu Changling, Chairman of the China Furniture Association.