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The first Anji Green Home Expo in 2023

Date:2024-03-11 Author: Hit: 249

The North Entrance Hall of Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center opened the first Anji Green Home Expo as scheduled in 2023, with a duration of four days. In the exhibition hall of over 1200 square meters, exquisite products from 11 home furnishing companies in Anji have been arranged in personalized scenes, including cool esports chairs, office chairs that conform to human mechanics, trendy and fashionable sofas, high-tech lifting tables, and a dazzling array of systematic home furnishings, fully demonstrating Anji's "smart manufacturing" ability in "green home". It is understood that the Anji Green Home Expo is a collaboration between the Anji County Government and the China (Shanghai) International Furniture Expo, which organized more than 60 enterprises to participate. The total exhibition area is nearly 10000 square meters, with a complete range of exhibits covering the entire upstream and downstream industry chain, including fine products in sub fields such as flexible customization, intelligent manufacturing, raw and auxiliary materials, and office and home furnishings.